We are an ambitious team with a shared passion.

At Play for Change we are committed to providing a platform so that together we can make a substantial difference to the lives of children and their communities through sport and education.

Our Ambassadors

We are privileged to be supported by our wonderful ambassadors who are committed to raising awareness of what we do

                                 BONITA NORRIS                                                                        ALESSANDRO NESTA                                                                   ANNE WAFULA STRIKE        

Board of Directors

We are very pleased to have the expertise and support from our fantastic Board of Directors   

        ANDREA RADRIZZANI                                    ROXY THORNTON                                        DANNY MENKEN                                  JANET PIERCE

Our Team

The work couldn't be done without our enthusiastic and passionate team!

                                 SARAH ESPIR                                                                      LOUISA MACDONALD                                                           CAROLINA MACHADO