Taking fundraising to a new level

Play for Change team mate and all round fast food fan, Jasmine Goh, raised an overwhelming £1,614 ($3,885), after announcing plans to give up her favourite fast foods for a year and to also run the Singapore half marathon in December 2014 – all in aid of YKPA Play for Change, a children’s orphanage in Bali, Indonesia.

Jasmine raised the impressive amount after announcing her plans on the eve of her 26th birthday. She beat her fundraising target just five days later with the generous support of her family, friends and colleagues. She will spend the coming months training for the 21-kilometre run at the 2014 Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore in December.

All funds raised will go directly to Play for Change Foundation’s first ever project dedicated to helping disadvantaged children in Bali – the YKPA Play for Change orphanage. In addition to providing housing, food and education, it is well-known locally for its Bali Street Kids Project that strives to bring aid and education to street children who are exploited for various motives, including crime, drug and sexual abuse.

Jasmine said: “In the spirit of Play for Change, I chose sports as a means to improve not just my well- being but also of the amazing children at YKPA. Having recently visited the children myself, I realised that they are happy and hopeful despite their circumstances, and the luxury of choice is not easily available to them unlike for so many of us.

“The generosity of my donors will greatly help children like Revo, a five-year old boy with cerebral palsy and the world’s most genuine smile. The love and care provided by YKPA Play for Change is so
important for him to grow and overcome his adversity. I hope my small endeavour will show that every bit of kindness counts to help change lives for the better.”

Andrea Radrizzani, Chairman and Founder of Play for Change, said: “My sincere gratitude to Jasmine for being such a great team sport and showing us all how making one change in our lives can make such a positive impact for those in most need.

“Our Foundation is dedicated to empowering the young through sports and education, and helping them to secure a better future. YKPA Play for Change has touched the lives of so many street children and we are honoured to help them continue their incredible work.”