Slam Dunk

Play for Change in partnership with Love Basketball Academy (LBA) has launched in January 2015 an after-school basketball and mentoring programme for 12-16 year old girls. The focus of the programme is empowerment through sports with many secondary benefits being achieved.

PFC has identified and partnered up with Burntwood, a local girls school in the London Borough of Wandsworth, in a neighbourhood with high rates of child poverty and little or no access to leisure activities.

Basketball is not only a fun sport to play but it was chosen as it is also a great way to develop self-discipline, confidence, team work and leadership skills. Slam Dunk aims to help build these characteristics among young people from London’s at risk areas while learning a new sport.

According to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) basketball is now the second most popular sport played in the UK by 11-15 year-olds with 32% of children playing. Recent reports also show the extraordinary impact that basketball is having in many of the UK’s most-deprived communities; not even primarily related to the development of sporting talent or just increasing sports participation but mainly in improving life outcomes by addressing some of the social challenges faced by disadvantaged young people in the UK. Basketball is unique among other sports in this and basketball-related programmes can have particularly positive impact on educational outcomes.

Slam Dunk will be structured to offer hour and a half sessions once a week over a period of 24 weeks with inspirational talks and mentoring on a regular basis.

During the final week of the programme PFC will host a one-day Play for Change Love Basketball 3×3 Tournament.