Play for Change raises funds for Nepal at MVM EHF Final4

Play for Change partnered up with the European Handball Federation (EHF) as its charity partner for the MVM EHF FINAL4 to call for donations at the event to help Nepalese children to support the rebuilding of communities destroyed in the wake of the recent Nepal earthquakes.

Since September 2014, Play for Change has been working with EHF with its logo presented on the shirts of all of the 142 top EHF referees in over 1,500 national and club team matches throughout the season. This year, spectators were able to purchase a unique limited edition Play for Change wristband, as well as donate money to show support for the Nepal earthquake.

With several teams holding vendor’s trays roaming around in the arena’s spectator areas, Play for Change collected over $1,300 over just two days to help towards the disaster response for Nepal.

Andrea Kenyeres, the Head of Partnerships for Play for Change said: “Play for Change are hoping to raise a significant amount through working with EHF in order to continue with our transformational work. We believe in empowering children and young people through education and sports and are committed to helping rebuild the millions of lives in Nepal, for the long term.”

The Play for Change Charitable Trust joined forces with EHF in 2014 endorsing the shirts of all of the top EHF referees in over 1,500 national and club team matches throughout the season.

This partnership has enabled Play for Change to raise awareness of its charitable mission – to empower children and young people through sports and education as well as to raise funds to invest in life-changing projects around the world.

Andrea goes on to say: “Play for Change are proud to be working with EHF this year who are not only committed to honouring excellence in the sporting world, but also to promoting sport’s ability to contribute to positive change in society.

“We hope that this is the beginning of many continued collaborations and we look forward to the Men’s VELUX EHF FINAL4 in Cologne on 30-31st May 2015. Together we can leave a legacy to those who need it the most, whilst strengthening our international voice and mission to transforming the lives of vulnerable children through sports and education.”

For more information about Play for Change’s disaster response efforts for Nepal visit:

Some of the charity’s milestones include a partnership with a children’s home in Indonesia, which saw the official launch of YKPA Play for Change.

The charity promises a continued winning streak with projects such as the Play for Change school football tournament in partnership with the Belgium Pro League, and ‘Slam Dunk’, the new basketball programme for disadvantaged young girls at Burntwood School in Wandsworth – both projects already positively impacting lives. In addition, PFC have begun a new partnership with ASLOD, a Milan-based local charity that focuses on helping children living with cancer through rehabilitation.