This is Revo

Hi I’m Revo and this is my story

Revo is just five years old and was born with cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that affects his movement and coordination. The YKPA Play for Change orphanage welcomed him last year where he joined his brother Oni.

Born into poverty, Revo has suffered tremendously in his short life. With limited food and water and an unsecure environment to live in, he didn’t have the best start in life. As an unwanted child, he also suffered through physical and mental abuse.

A happy Future

Since receiving the love, care and attention that every child deserves, he has broken boundaries. He was assessed for his healthcare and nutritional needs and a care plan was put in place.

Within just one year through his new healthcare plan, Revo is now independently walking and communicating too! He has regular physiotherapy sessions that helps him to build confidence and self-awareness. We are so proud of our little star.