YKPA Play for Change Bali Update

February 2014 saw Play for Change partner with the Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak Orphanage (YKPA), an orphanage for street children.

Since then Play for Change has been working with different partners to help raise funds for the education, care and wellbeing of the 24 children that we look after.

Earlier this year Play for Change sent a member of staff from the UK out to Bali to work on the ground and help at the orphanage. Since then we have raised over £10,000 so far for the orphanage and are working together with local partners to put it to use.

Currently using some of the funds to help with maintenance to the orphanage, Play for Change is helping to fix the ceilings, build piping systems as well as pay for the children’s healthcare.

Reni, seven years old, will be undergoing an operation on her ear which is funded by Play for Change. We are also working on creating a bespoke sports program for the children. To see Rene and to hear more of what we get up to you can follow our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ykpaplayforchange

In addition, PFC have begun a new partnership with ASLOD, a Milan-based local charity that focuses on helping children living with cancer through rehabilitation.