Third Year of the Pro League and Play for Change Schools Cup Tournament begins this Weekend!

Third edition for the Pro League - Play for Change Schools Cup

On Saturday 3 June, the Eneco stadium of Oud-Heverlee Leuven will host the 21 teams participating in the Play for Change and Pro League School Cup. It is an inter-school tournament that celebrates good sportsmanship, fun and fair play. 

The Schools Cup is an initiative of Pro League +, the social pillar of the Pro League, Play for Change (a charity that believes in the power of sport to help children) and professional football clubs. The tournament offers boys and girls aged 11-13 the opportunity to experience an unforgettable 'day in the life of a professional footballer' in a fair play and relaxed environment. The young players will wear the kit of the professional team and be able to enjoy playing for a high-level football club.

Over the past few weeks, Pro League clubs held school tournaments to select the school teams that will have the honour of representing them in Leuven. This weekend at the Schools Cup, the chosen 21 teams will be encouraged by their parents, classmates and supporters to play like real professionals in the colours of their favorite club.

A tournament for all

The Schools Cup goes beyond a simple football tournament and through this event Play for Change and Pro League aim to offer everyone, without exception, the opportunity to flourish through sport. Themes of social inclusion and participation are intertwined throughout the tournament and the teams, including 3 youth teams from refugee and asylum centers, will be composed of at least four girls.

Beyond football

Not only will a prize be awarded to the winner of the tournament, but there will also be a fair play prize to honour the most sporting team. Even the supporters can win a prize for their team for being the most positive supporters.

Finally, each team was asked to set up a social action project and the team with the most innovative initiative will be rewarded a prize.

Play for Change and Pro League would like to welcome you to come and encourage our budding players on Saturday, June 3rd, at the Eneco Stadion of OHL. (Kardinaal Mercierlaan 46, Leuven), everyone is welcome!

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About Pro League +

Pro League + is the Pro League social pillar and works with the Football + Foundation on a social football story. Pro League +, together with the sixteen Pro League clubs, strives for a strong CSR policy, which is a leverage to make a positive contribution to society.

Pro League + supports clubs to strengthen their CSR, or community action. In addition, Pro League + organizes two stage events each year, where we provide forums with forums through our channels, the Pro League + is committed to supporting organizations recognized by emergency organizations and organizing the Christmas event annually, with all clubs / associations and fans working together to Collecting funds for a social organization.

Play for Change

Founded by Andrea Radrizzani in 2012, Play for Change is dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world by using the power of sport to build life skills and help communities.  The charity enables sport programs for children to help improve health, education, employment and inequality outcomes.

Every program aims to address the needs of the local people by working hand in hand with communities, whilst working closely with global partners and federations to ensure that the programs are expertly designed and of a high quality. This platform of social change enables children to play, learn and develop, and communities around the world can benefit.

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About the Pro League

The Pro League's business framework consists primarily of the organization and planning of the main football competition: the first class or in its current form is better known as the Jupiler Pro League.

In addition, the Pro League grants various forms of assistance to its members, the professional clubs. That direct support is focused on different areas; Legal, financial (distribution of television funds) and in the field of data management. Finally, the Pro League also defends the interests of the clubs with the CFP, government, and, if necessary (unisono with the CFP), to international football agencies such as UEFA and FIFA.

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