Play for Change is dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world using the power of sport. 

We believe sport can play a significant role in children’s cognitive, emotional and physical development. We want to see a world where all children are equipped with the vital life skills that they need for their future.

At Play for Change we combine sports and educational programmes so children can play, learn and develop. We rebuild playgrounds so children can play in safe and stimulating environments away from harm; we provide workshops so children learn the life skills they need for happy, healthy futures; we support educational and employment opportunities to help create communities that are empowered to develop and thrive.

We aim to provide access to all sport programmes so that  ensure that all children have the opportunity to be active, skilled and empowered. This is measured by our Impacts, each of our programmes aim to meet two or more of these. Click to read more about our Impacts. 




We believe that social interaction through sport and play leads to happier, healthier  children and young people. We:

  • Support sports programmes that give children the chance to play;

  • Value play as a means to increase learning;

  • See fair play as a way of teaching children the values of what play and sport stand for: passion, perseverance, team work, solidarity, self-belief, self-acceptance, moral values, social inclusion and more.


We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. We:

  • Deliver measurable social impacts in disadvantaged communities in the UK and worldwide;
  • Work with local communities by implementing projects which help to create sustainable societies;
  • Believe that play has the power to bring people together.


We are ambitious, we are focused and we deliver. We identify disadvantaged communities and create better ways to deliver positive social impacts at scale through play. We:

  • Assess the specific and current needs of the community and create our programmes accordingly;
  • Drive actions at scale;
  • Strive and learn from our success and replicate onto
    new programmes.


Our Impacts


                                                                                 WE COMMUNICATE

We communicate clearly and simply everything we do. We:

  • Are transparent in reporting back to all of our supporters to keep you informed on how your donations are used;
  • Inspire others to take action and join the team.


We create partnerships between those who wish to help and those who need help.  We work closely with local implementers to ensure that the funds donated by our partners are used to deliver social impacts to the right place. We: 

  • Foster close relationships with our partners;

  • Establish "play" and sports programmes that are designed to deliver positive social impacts to children and their communities.