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Does your brand align to our social causes? Is your company looking to integrate social responsibility and reach the United Nations Social Development Goals?



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SUPPORT AN EVENT : Engage your employees and stakeholders and take an active part in planning and implementing an inclusive sport event, such as an integrated football tournament, a free access sporting day or organising team building events for charity (e.g. solidarity races)

CREATE A PLAY AREA : Place your brand at the heart of the city by creating a new space for local people to play and for Play for Change to deliver projects

ORGANISE A CONTEST : Engage your customers by offering the opportunity to vote for their favorite social sport project among those pre-selected with Play for Change

PLAN A CAUSE RELATED MARKETING CAMPAIGN : Donate a percentage of your product’s revenues to support the selected project(s) with infrastructural interventions that guarantee sustainability and impact in the years to come

IMPLEMENT THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS WITHIN YOUR BUSINESS PRACTICES : Promote corporate volunteering activities, offer your skills/services to projects (personnel management, media production, marketing and social media etc), offer internships / scholarships…

Play for Change will work with you to design a tailor-made Corporate Social Responsibility programme in the context of your business needs.

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