At Play for Change we are dedicated to deliver high quality sports and educational programmes to create meaningful impacts and tackle inequalities by working hand-in -hand with local communities in the context of their needs.  




PFC uses sport as a platform to educate and empower children and their communities. We provide life skills specific to a child’s environment in order to equip children and young people to become agents of change.


Social Inclusion

Sport provides a platform for valuable lessons related to fair play and equality. All of our sport programmes are free and accessible to all, and strive to include under-represented groups. 




As a prerequisite of our play, learn and develop philosophy, PFC endeavours to provide access to safe spaces and tailored solutions to the needs  of the children (i.e. access to safe water/food/sanitation/changing facilities).



Economic Empowerment

By up-skilling and training children and young people through sport, be it a coaching qualification or life skills training, we can equip young people and their communities to build a more prosperous future.


Participation in Sport

PFC believes that increased participation in sport will result in improved health and education,  reduction in youth crime, environmental benefits, and lead to regeneration and community development.



Being active plays a key role in brain development and is also a great tool to enhance long-term educational attainment. The provision of sporting programmes is often an incentive for children to go to or remain in school.



Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are vital in the development of a positive and happy society. Our programmes promote all aspects of health, from learning about nutrition to promoting positive relationships.


Gender Equality

PFC ensures boys and girls play together and learn together, in order to break down gender-related barriers and develop mutual respect.