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We are happy to announce the launch of our new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our work.

Our understanding of the Sport for Development sector and working methodology has grown and evolved since we first launched in 2013, and the time had come to redefine it.

Our new logo is the reflection of who we are today, to better match the transformation we’ve made as a Charitable Trust.

These are the major differences that we want to bring up here.

The arrow with rounded corners: it symbolises both the concepts of "game", “action”, and "progress" inherent in the word PLAY that we refer to in our name and work: we play our part in making an impact in the lives of children and people living in contexts of vulnerability by giving them all an opportunity to play, learn and develop, to empower them to become agents of change in their own communities.

Play as in playing a game, an instrument and in getting involved in something, but also as in starting, to move forward, thus, to innovate. As there is “no development without innovation”.

The arrow has rounded corner to indicate the positive change to be achieved through solidarity for others, the soft part of the feelings that has to do with our essence of social work.

The new logo comes in four colours, to indicate the four pillars of our approach:

SPORT (and recreational activities): the tool to achieve our goals

PLAY: meaning, as explained, to provide resources to enable children to play in safe and stimulating environments

LEARN: or the combination of sports and educational programs so that children can acquire useful life skills for a happy and healthy future

DEVELOP: i.e. planning interventions that strengthen the development of individuals and local communities, also providing the latter with places that are safe and sustainable

But these are no longer single elements that stand alone: they come all together to represent the inclusive platform that Play for Change envisions, where sport and education are accessible to everyone and used as a tool to help the young generations in becoming agents of change in their own development and community.

Furthermore, the four colours will be able to identify different project activities and under these colours we will be able to group the different strands that connect us to the impacts and SDGs.

You’ll see this new logo anywhere we’re out in public, like website (which also has a new sleek design), LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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